Sailing Trips on the Douro

“EQUADOR” is a sailing ship 7.50 m long with a mini-bar, kitchen, living room, toilet and one bedroom. It is steered by two experienced crew members.

This is a dreamy experience.

Aiming at offering unique leisure and quality moments, the firm “VELA EQUADOR” Shipping – Tourist operator is committed to organize private sailing trips on the Douro river.

The beauty of the Douro region awaits your visit. Fall in love with the landscape in a private sailing trip on the Douro river. Make a very special invitation and enjoy every moment.
Enjoy a Port wine sailing on Douro’s waters driven by the breeze.

Magnificent landscape, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Make your reservation now and take a lot of pictures.

Vela Equador

 We have a wide offer of trips, ranging from 1.30 h to the whole day. A welcome Port Wine and snacks are offered in all trips.

A lunch/ snack picnic style, with regional products, served while sailing or at Love’s Island, river beaches or natural parks is at the disposal of our clients if they wish. We also stop for diving and to visit places with touristic interest.

The picnic comprises a cheese and sausages board, smoked ham, rissoles, meat and cod croquettes, fried codfish coated in batter, breaded fillets of pork, corn bread and olives, fruit salad, sweet desert, wine, beer, water and sodas.

We sail on the Douro

We are docked at the Entre-os-Rios (marina) and our clients come on board preferably at Cais do Torrão (Entre-os-Rios).

However, upon request, departures and arrivals can also be arranged in other quays along the river. Such as: Cais do Castelo, Bitetos, Sebolido, Midões, Rio Mau, Pedorido, Daja, etc.

Our history

Someone said: “We are a country of sailors”

For most of people who were born near the sea or the river, the passion and pleasure of sailing come early in life. And these “Sailors” at heart are always crossing paths. Some great friendships are born from the passion for the sea and the arts of sailing. “VELA EQUADOR” is a witness of that: two “Sailors” who meet and share similar dreams and on that base develop a friendship strengthened by the same desire. It was undisputed that the pleasure of sailing had to be revealed and shared with everybody. We soon realized that this dream was to provide excellent moments of leisure and services. Although it was not a simple process to put in practice, the huge support of friends and family helped to overcome all the obstacles, and that resulted in a wonderful and rewarding project. Until today, no passenger landed “Equador” without that brightness in the eyes that reveals a unique and unparalleled experience.

“Sailors’ Greetings”